Wednesday, April 18, 2012

World Earth Day 2012

This year, the World Earth Day is next Sunday, April 22. The World Earth Day is a yearly event held to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment.

I have decided to do a short list of things we can all do on Sunday to participate in the World Earth Day celebrations:

1. Unplug chargers (mobile phones, laptops, tech gadgets) when they are not in use.
2. Run down your batteries more frequently. i.e. do not charge your device until your battery is pretty low. This way, you exercise your battery - and reduce electricity usage.
3. Bath with cold water unless absolutely necessary. Electric heaters are some of the most power guzzling devices in any household.
4. Drop trash and rubbish in proper waste-bins, rather than on roads, streets, and in gutters.
5. Recycle plastic bottles. Many plastic bottles can find second lives in kitchens and as water-bottles, rather than end up clogging drainage systems.
6. Send e-mails and text messages rather than actual letters in corporate environments. Reduce paper usage.
7. Recycle used (and under-sized) clothing rather than burn or dispose of in rubbish heaps.

These things are actually sustainable. There is nothing stopping us from doing these on a daily basis. There are a great many ways in which we can join hands together - and transmit this earth to coming generations greener and more beautiful than it is now.


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  1. I'll add one more. To conserve more water, apply the following camping rule:
    If it is yellow, let it mellow; if it is brown, flush it down. Preferably, use urinaries for urination instead of toilet bowls, as they require less water to flush.
    Nice work. May Gaia keep us all.