Friday, April 20, 2012

Linda Ikeji: A Story of Beginnings

Linda Ikeji is one of the greatest bloggers of our time. At least, in this side of the world.

She is a classic example of achieving financial freedom while working at a job you absolutely love. In fact, the word 'job' is largely inappropriate in her own context. She loves to write, and she makes millions - from writing her own words, "more money than she knows what to do with it". Linda Ikeji is by all means an example of someone who has made money and found meaning by following her passion.

When I think Linda, I think influence. When I think of cases like the SaveOke campaign, I think of Linda - and I am grateful that 'blogaria' has people like her... Examples abound.

I am sure many people out there, just like me, want to make millions and find meaning doing what they love. So, I have decided to do a few posts on Linda Ikeji, delving deep into her earliest posts (and hopefully, interviewing her) to come up with a picture of the woman Linda, and insights into what has driven her success in 'blogaria' and other areas of her life.

As a first step to that, please follow the link to read the very first post on Linda's blog - written on November 26, 2006. It is not particularly an outstanding 'first post', and in fact - the following is all that hints at the many successes that she would eventually go on to achieve:
"today sunday 26 2006 marks the beginning of lots of fun for us..i promise to give you the best..make sure u visit this blog atleast everyday..God bless you all..linda"


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