Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kaita - An Average Nigerian Man!

Unarguably, things fell apart after Kaita was sent off. If you have ever played football manager, you know what it means for morale to drop. Team morale simply hit record low levels the instant we went one man down. After Kaita was sent off, it was inevitable that we would lose to Greece, simple!
It was appalling to see him drop to his knees, but then – it was not surprising. Just like many other Nigerian men, Kaita was brought up in an educational system without a functional reward and punishment system. He did not start lashing out in anger on that field, he surely had been doing it for years – and getting away with it!
He is not the only one at fault here, Nigeria is! He is only an example of a society with no clear cut moral standards. He is an example of a society where corruption and abuse of office are the order of the day, where the evil go unpunished and the good suffer – in silence!
From policemen who lash out in anger and kill innocent people to school teachers who beat students till they bleed; from fathers who hit their children at the slightest provocation to bus drivers who pick fights at the slightest goading – Nigeria is rife with people who have an anger problem. People who have gotten away with ‘immoral’ acts so many times that they have become a norm for them!
Kaita is in the spotlight today because he lashed out in anger on an international stage, but what about the rest of us who do it in our houses? What about you?