Friday, July 12, 2013

Insidify: Business Review

The Nigerian jobs and human resource space is set for a major boost, as newcomer is launched. According to co-founder Emmanuel Okeleji, Insidify is Africa's 1st Social job site. He explained that Insidify combines the most powerful features from Facebook and Google to help job seekers land their dream jobs and build professional networks.

The website aggregates jobs from everywhere (other job sites, company career pages, newspapers etc) into its search engine, just like Google does for the whole internet. The site is also a social media platform that helps job seekers find people on their Facebook, LinkedIn and email contacts who work in any of the companies that advertise the vacancies aggregated on the search engine.  This means job seekers get to know when any job that fit their qualification is posted anywhere across the internet and persons within their network who might be able to help them get these jobs.

There are presently over 67,000 new jobs on, by far the largest collection of job postings in Africa.

There are several Nigerian job sites on the internet already, but Insidify comes on board with a uniquely beneficial philosophy and set of services. Insidify is unifying the job search experience, just as Google does for the whole internet, making searching for jobs far easier. The social media connections also takes networking for jobs to a whole different level. The future of recruitment is undoubtedly social and Insidify is not only helping Nigerians get into this future, it is defining it!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

My Ideal Wedding

Sitting on a stack of plastic chairs, smoldering, royally vexed about a wedding ceremony that has gone on for too long – I have decided to write about my ideal wedding. The ideal wedding I sometimes dream about; the ideal wedding I know I will never have.


My ideal wedding has a hundred guests, give or take one or two people. There are no self-appointed Aunts who have never set eyes on me, yet claim to have funded my primary education; there are no self-appointed Uncles who cannot be bothered to remember my name between sightings, yet have come to regale guests with stories of my impish behavior as a child.

The invitation cards have been carefully designed, hand-drawn even. My fifty all bear the name of the intended guests, lovingly written in my own hand. “Strictly by Invitation”, they proclaim in the lower right corner; “cash gifts” only, they proclaim in the lower left. After all, I will have all the pans and pots I require before my wedding, and have no intention to set up shop selling coolers and dinnerware afterwards.

However, if you insist, and feel compelled to buy me a gift – whichever model of the Samsung Smart TV is selling at the time will not be a bad idea. Do not worry that I may receive more than one. I know exactly what to do with them all.