Friday, April 20, 2012

Linda Ikeji: A Story of Beginnings 2

Secondly, I thought I would treat you to a snapshot of what Linda's blog looked like back in 2007 (July 5, 2007 to be precise). It is interesting to know Linda too had posts that had '0 comments' back in the days... There is hope for me! *covers face*

Click here to see the snapshot of what her blog looked like exactly on July 5, 2007 - complete with posts.


  1. Since your target is to draw lessons from Linda, then I should point out what I observed from this post. Linda kept posting whether or not people made comments on her blog. She would ask questions in posts and nobody would respond, but she would still make a post the next day. That says a lot about not letting not-so-positive external feedback influence your actions. Peace.

  2. U can continue 2 work hard u will get there,,she didn't start yestday na,,just continue God will c u thru...........buh nawa ooh,,,my lindaish ikejigbish I love her die