Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love my DADDY!

I love my daddy!

That is one statement that I used to find hard to admit, and even more awkward to say to his face (I have not found the strength to say it to his face yet, thank God for text messages), but I sit here – about to leave home again – and I cannot help admitting that I love the man whose genes I carry.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random thoughts on Nigeria...

(This was originally posted in February)
I cannot shake the feeling that I have shied away from writing about Nigeria for too long. I must make an excuse for myself, so I will say that I have felt overwhelmed in recent times. I use the word overwhelmed, because the evils that plague the nightmares of this sleeping giant are threatening to stifle its life force, by all means.

I say overwhelmed, because I feel as though we have been set the collective task of reclaiming every evil that escaped from the mythological Pandora’s Box and somehow forcing the box back down into the depths of Hades.

Where do I start from? So much has happened between my “For the Love of Nigeria” on the 1st of October and now, that it would take posts on end to summarize my hitherto flittering thoughts on happenings in Nigeria. From religious uprisings again in the North, to Mr. President going on indefinite sick leave; from a misguided fanatic trying to blow up a plane, to the Super Eagles conceding 3 goals to the Egyptians after starting the match in such wonderful form; in fact, our collective story would take ages to tell.