Thursday, April 05, 2012

On Falling Out of Love... Sequel.

A week ago, I wrote a short blog about the Ogochukwu Onuchukwu story. Even though I felt quite emotional at the moment, and was determined to turn the sad story into a learning experience - it did not entirely sound quite right.

Turns out my second thoughts about the story are, well, not without basis. There appears to be a second side to the story, and some other person (supposedly a PhD holding Barrister) has taken time to write a LONG rejoinder to the first version.

At this point, I choose to become disinterested in the facts of the case - and to hold on to the key learning I have identified:

  • There is a balance between a man's family and his father's family; wives and mothers will always lay claim to men. Men must find the slim line that denotes 'balance', and walk it.
These people should let the dead woman rest in peace.

Se fini.

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