Thursday, December 24, 2015

December Randoms:: Life, 2016 Prophecies, Christmas...

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

I have been very busy and constantly stressed. I frequently skipped breakfast, drove faster than usual, and slept less. I couldn’t be more grateful for this long weekend, as I finally get to spend quality time alone or with family – with the phones turned off.

I got on quite a roll in November and planned to read and write even more in December, but life had other plans. Here goes a few random thoughts I've been wanting to share all day.


One year ago this morning, I walked away from this – dazed and grateful.

I had a few bruises, nothing major, and recovered the total cost of the car. It turned out to be a great reminder of my mortality, and helped me re-affirm my commitment to live.

I first thought I wouldn’t drive on the Lagos – Ibadan expressway for years, but I have since made the trip multiple times – including one this morning ☺ ☺.


I spent some time working from and for our office in Nairobi this year, and I think it is a beautiful city. I love that there are lots of natural spaces sprinkled around the city, and it felt quieter and less hurried than Lagos. I also think the people are nice and welcoming, but not as friendly as Nigerians ☺.

I got the chance to discuss politics in Nigeria and Kenya with a brilliant colleague, George Owuor, and came away with the realization that many young Africans want the same thing: public institutions that work and a decent chance at earning a better life through diligence. I also met his family – and maybe I’ll write more about them subsequently.

And – thank you, Oghale, for being such an amazing host. You’re the best!