Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lamentations from the past

Just finished writing up a new story... Read the first few paragraphs down here, and read the full story here on my other blog.

It was widely said of Ayankoso that he was okunrin meta, three men in one. Truly, he feared no man, for the reason that he wielded an almighty weapon; one so mighty that it often conquered the sword when all else failed. ‘Koso was the only person who could confront the king without fear, and even the king refrained from directly opposing him on any matter of consequence.

Over the years, serving under the administrations of different kings, ‘Koso had become the conscience of the kingdom. The wealth of experience garnered from serving a wide variety of kings, coupled with information he picked up from study and his travels had made him a voice to reckon with in matters of state. You see, he had been on the scene from the very beginning, and he had outlasted every king that had come to share his stage – yes, his stage.
Ayankoso was loved and respected by the people, because he spoke for them. It was Ayankoso who felt the pulse of the people, and relayed it to the king and his council. It was he who exposed the king and his men when they secretly went against the laws they swore by in the open; it was he who shone his old flashlight on the shady deals that went on under the cover of darkness, yes – it was he who fought for the people when the king and his men trampled on their rights.