Monday, April 30, 2012

Theatre of The Absurd VI: Of Bomb Blasts, Policemen and Presidents

I wrote the post below after the bomb blast at the UN office in Abuja (August 2011). Words failed me after news of the BUK bombings yesterday, so I have decided to re-post this in its original form. (The picture below is from the Thisday bombing).

Originally published 6.29pm, August 26, 2011.

I just saw a picture of one of the victims of the bomb blast at the UN office in Abuja. It's gory (too gory to share here)! To think that the man was somebody's father / husband... :(

My thoughts are in no way coherent (and this is in no way a comprehensive post), but I feel a need to put them down for a review sometimes later, and I guess you'd like to share in 'em too...

1. Our Police 'Force' is in need of an urgent overhaul, a complete one. We must not forget the attack on the Police HQ itself. The Police is by ALL means a toothless bulldog, better suited to harassing innocent citizens and extorting law-abiding motorists than keeping Nigerian citizens safe.

Of course, this is by no means the fault of the policemen on the roads... This corruption started at the top and simply ate its way down! I make bold to say that a better-paid and well-motivated Police 'Force' living in a Nigeria where public health, education and other infrastructure actually worked wouldn't have as many bad eggs.

2. I can not say for sure that this was Boko Haram's work, but as they have been responsible for other bomb blasts in the past - they must be viewed as a terrorist organization, and treated as such! It is high time we stopped treating such issues as this with 'kids gloves'! Organizations that do not respect the sanctity of human life do not deserve dialogue.

3. I cannot understand how terrorist organizations around the world who claim to represent the interests of the 'common man' strike at the 'common man' in a bid to prove their points! The logic behind it beats my reasoning!!!

Finally for now, if there was any doubt about it before - we elected a weak President, one totally bereft of ideas! A problem-plagued country such as Nigeria requires a strong President, one whose very presence inspires confidence and hope for the future. Split across deep fault lines of ethnicity and religion as we are, we require a decisive President, one who will act tough and talk tough.

Sadly, I must also say that we really did not have many options. I honestly do not see how Buhari or Ribadu would have acted any better than GEJ has this past few hours.

I don't know if all this makes much sense, sounds like me, or even has a tone fit for my Theatre of The Absurd series... I honestly hope it does sha... Share any thoughts, comments...

Nigeria shall arise, someday... :(


  1. it's so sad.To imagine that these affected people are just normal people,like you and I,who went to work on a beautiful morning,as usual.....Some of them are Muslims,right? Boko Haram has taken responsibility.The most irritating part of the whole story is their reason(UN is encouraging the Federal government in the victimization of Muslims!).In this country! where and how are they being victimized? Truth is,i know really lovely Muslims but these guys are calling for real trouble.i can't see "non-Muslims" keeping quiet for too long o,especially now that nothing meaningful is being done.
    We'll rise,SOMEDAY.
    koye, welldone...

  2. I still maintain that if @ least one member of the president's family is a victim of one of these bomb blast, something different WILL happen.

    1. I share this thought too. And that is why I wonder at BH's logic. They claim to fight the government, yet strike at the common man to prove their point. If their fight is truly with the government, then let them take their battle to government houses across the federation; and if it is with the FG - let them go to Aso Rock. It completely, totally, beats me. If anyone out there can profile them and explain their logic to me, please try.