Saturday, April 07, 2012

Comments That Keep Me Going

"I had never read that text from Jer. 29. Very profound. I've always thought so but never had the scripture to back it up.  God is calling us to be nation builders, and that does not mean that we declare ourselves blessed and do nothing about it. I am not Nigerian but the principle of what you write about still holds true. God gave man dominion over the earth and we are to work.  So yes, I will not eat grass, but I better not just be saying that and doing nothing to help 'my Babylon' as it were."

I write for various reasons: to share my perspective, express my feelings, express my emotion. I write out of anger, joy, depression, melancholy, even fear.

Various things inspire my writing: falling leaves, the smell of rain, accidents, seeming coincidence, smells, noises... Ordinarily, I write for myself. I refuse to be bound by rules from a book, or some established author's opinion... I refuse to monetize my blog - increasing the frequency of my posts so I can make a profit, or tailor my writing to align with the perspective of the multitude.

However, I have come to find that the bad thing about writing for yourself - is that you often never post anything. Only God (and my computer) know how many posts I have spent hours writing over the years - only to consign them to oblivion in the many folders that dot my desktop. So, lately - I decided to do 'more' writing for an audience...

What I share up there is a  comment by an anonymous reader. One of those few, and rare, comments that tell you your work is appreciated, that make you keep writing...

Thank you, anonymous.

If you want to read the post that gave rise to this comment, please go here.

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  1. Well done. Never commented on your posts before but I appreciate people who do things better than I do them. I also have a blog but I dont write as much as you do. You have a very great command of English and you spice up your work with humour. Infact, I sent you a #followback request after reading your "A yahoo boy and his murano" story. Keep doing what you do, the sky is a stepping stone. Happy Easter.