Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Problem With the North

Salisu Suleiman is at it again.

If you do not know him, then by way of introduction - I daresay Suleiman is one of the most intelligent bloggers in Nigeria presently. His posts, often with a bent for discussing issues in the North, are very intelligently crafted. I cannot say for sure if he reads Malcolm Gladwell, but his writing attains the depth of Gladwell's works on many occasions.

Find below an excerpt from his latest post, 'The Problem With the North'.

"... The callous nature of the north’s leadership is the heart of the problems; agriculture remains largely subsistence, industries have folded up, businesses are dying and poverty is pervasive. Worst still, education is neglected, and so the region’s potential future leaders are left to rot. Apart from comparatively few graduates and professionals, most northern youth have few practical skills or know-how to earn a living, so they troop to towns and cities where they end up as beggars, itinerant manicurists, shoe shiners, commercial motorcyclists, roaming tailors, barbers, waste bin scavengers – and fertile recruiting grounds for terrorist groups.

What can be done?

Clearly, a multi-pronged approach is needed. While the political space must be leveled to reflect voters’ choices, long term measures like free compulsory and quality education must be introduced. However, the more immediate challenge is economic development, particularly job creation. Economic development can be propelled by stimulating the private sector which is better suited for sustaining growth. Growth is the most powerful weapon in the fight against poverty because it creates jobs that use labor, the main asset of the poor. As growth proceeds, employment becomes the major source of economic support for most workers and their families..."

Follow the link to read the full article.

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