Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey, Did You Know?

Like I said in some earlier post on this blog, very soon - we might have a food problem on our hands. Not enough food is being grown for the rapidly expanding population - and this will get worse with time - except we do something to stem the tide. Google 'famine in somalia' if you think this is not a big deal.

There are three sides to this: control population growth rate, grow more food, and reduce wastage of the current food output. My population series talks about the first; but equal emphasis needs to be laid on the second and the third also.

My friend, Adenike Alade, has articulated an excellent idea to create awareness about the impending food shortages. However, she needs our votes to take it from an idea to an actionable plan...

Follow the link, watch the video and learn, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - vote for her idea!

Oya gaaan vote o!!!

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  1. Koye, i really deeply appreciatethis. Thanks dear!! :)