Monday, July 02, 2012

When Goodluck is Sober

Great article by Salisu Suleiman!

In the run-up to last year’s presidential election, President Goodluck Jonathan made a campaign trip to the South-west to seek support and votes. In classic Jonathanian fashion, the moment he went off the script, he dropped a bolt from the blue by saying that the South-west was too sophisticated to be run by ‘rogues and rascals’.

In a swift response, the perceived target of the barb, former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu, hit back to the effect that the current tenant of Aso Villa was basically a ‘drunken fisherman’. The exchange provided comic relief to an otherwise drab and colourless campaign.

However, as soon as the PDP machinery ‘shocked and awed’ Nigerian voters into retaining the presidency, rumours of drunken revelries at the Villa began to emerge. Any thoughts that the indulgencies were merely to celebrate a hard bought victory vanished when persistent leaks about presidential inebriation continued to come out.

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