Monday, July 02, 2012

MTN: Maximum Thievery Nationwide!

Is it too much to ask for decent network from a company that claims to be everywhere you go?

I have tried hard not to make this post, but it just sucks that I cannot make a call or send a text from my MTN phone - which by the way I have downgraded to 'second phone status'.

And I'm not taking any PR nonsense about this starting "two days ago". This has been on for five days!

Epic fail, MTN. Epic fail!


  1. agreed! MTN sucks...I was waiting for them to issue an apology but I realized they too probably don't have connection...poor MTN, maybe Glo will lend them a line.

    1. Yaaay!!! Ofili came to my blog!!! *dancing azonto*
      Yes o... I second the 'motion', MTN super-sucks sef!
      I met you at Book & Gauge one/two months ago... How are you doing?

  2. In all fairness to them, they said through their C.T.O; Chief Technical Officer, that they are going to do something akin to a network upgrade and so subscribers should be prepared for a times like this. I really do hope that was what happened and not that those "no network" days are still ahead.

    Great work Koye.

    1. Thanks, Ayodeji. I don't believe all those things jare... Long before the CTO said anything, I had to stand on my bed in order to do anything at all with my Blackberry... :)
      I moved to BB from Glo a week ago - and I sure won't look back anytime soon... ;)