Monday, July 02, 2012

NYSC; Corpers posted to the North; Rantings

I have a friend who will not be joining the Batch B of the NYSC in camp today, because he was posted to Plateau State.

Being the last born child, his entire family was aligned that he delay his service by 4 months - till November - in the hope that he will be posted to a more peaceful state. Hence, my friend will join the rest of us - who were not mobilized by OAU because of a delay in processing our five month old results - in awaiting the Batch C postings.

All day, I have wondered why NYSC continues to post Corpers to troubled states such as Plateau, Borno, Kaduna and the likes... I have not found answers that work yet.

Does Nigeria have any regard for the life of her youth, her future?

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  1. You Nigerians are stupid people, yes even you. Rather than picket your government houses, you sit and write blogposts. Don't you have Senators you could write and get them to amend the act that created this nysc? I laugh and roll on the floor. Your friend who has elected to stay at home, may he be reposted to the hottest Boko Haram states in 4 months. Fools.