Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#RantAlert; Abbreviations and Capitalizations

When I have not written in quite a while, I find it difficult to start again. This time, I have decided to re-start with a rant... :)

Today, I want to complain about my longtime friend and loyal reader - Mr. X - who always abbreviates in emails and text messages, and spells his name with small caps.

In an online world where there is so much that screams for my attention, I hardly have the time - or patience, to decipher abbreviations. I abs h8 it whn ppl cnt write perfect Eng. in emails, on fb, & evn all d tym in txt msgs. I h8 it! It slows my reading down, greatly, and so far as I am concerned simply does not speak well!

I mean, when you're Zuckerberg or Gates - you can afford to write however you want... but so long as you're a client of mine or a friend seeking a favor - please know that I do not like poor English!

And whatever you do - do NOT spell your name in small caps if you're mailing me!!! Little red lights go off in my head when I get to the end of an email and see: mr. x. I mean!!! Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well... If you must write your name, write it properly!!!


koye-ladele mogbekeloluwa :)

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