Thursday, July 12, 2012

Patience Jonathan Appointed Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa State

Dame Patience Jonathan, professor of Spoken English, made history yesterday by becoming the first First Lady of Nigeria to be appointed Permanent Secretary in a State civil service. 

Explaining their reason for the appointment, the senior special assistant to the governor on media affairs, Mr. Daniel Iworiso-Markson, said that the First Lady was a teacher in the state’s civil service and has been on leave of absence since 1999 to join her  husband in his political service; first as a deputy governor, governor, vice president, then president. If not for the leave of absence, according to him, Mrs Jonathan would have risen to the status of a permanent secretary by now.

All Most Nigerian Governors are clowns!!! I mean, what kind of thinking was responsible for this action?


  1. There is nothing wrong in the appointment, it follows due process and it is in line with the law. It is also applicable to sportsmen and sports women who are represesenting the country and at the same time working in any public establishments. In Madam Jonathan case, she is representing the 1st lady position while her appointment she hold beofre remain since first lady is just a figure head positions.

  2. will she now be in two places at a time?abuja and bayelsa.or is permanent secretary a ceremonia appointment?