Friday, October 24, 2014

Tomato Jos - KickStarter Project Has Got Me Raving!

This morning, I have been tempted into making my first KickStarter Pledge.

This Tomato Jos project is absolutely fabulous, and unlike many other projects I've seen people rave about - I think this actually solves a real problem and creates a world of opportunities for Nigerian farmers and their families.

A few questions:
1. Are there Nigerians doing stuff like this with other crops / in other areas? And are there platforms where they're showcasing their work today? (So we can support them too). - Update: yes!!! Evidently there are quite a few young Nigerians (the big boys like Dangote don't count) employing this model with various crops...and I have been so buried in my own little world that I had no idea how much was going on out there!!!
2. Why did it take two Americans to package this like this? (I daresay a few Nigerians must have thought of this first)... Should I (and we) be collectively ashamed - or happy? Update: like the team graciously clarified below, it's one person from America and one person from Ireland.
Watch the video above (lovely layer of Flavor's "Tomato Jos" towards the end), and see details below. Go here to view on KickStarter.


  1. Hi Koye. thank you for your words of support and for backing the project. We are actually following in the foot steps of one very impressive Nigerian...Mr Dangote. He is building a tomato processing facility in Kano so we are by no means the first to look at this area although we hope to be the first and only tomato paste company that uses only Nigerian tomatoes grown by Nigerian farmers. Btw only one of our founders is American. Shane is from Ireland.

    Thanks again for the support!

  2. Lol, amazing that you'd come here to respond to this post :). Glad to know you're aware Dangote is doing something in this space. Found out earlier today and was wondering what impact that would have on your business.