Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fiction: What A Shock...

The world slowed to a blur as I ran towards the office building.

I’d kept the Central Executive Committee waiting for fifteen minutes now after awakening an hour late, and I couldn’t bear to think of the impact on my reputation. I wondered if Shereen, a known stickler for punctuality, would overlook my lateness and consider my proposal based on its merits. And I wondered what Yetunde, the young and smart Head of Communications would think.

I lengthened my stride as I reached the Security Guard, blasting past him as he rose from his easy chair – infrared thermometer in hand. The daily checks and attendant small talk were becoming tiresome. Today was not the day.

My bag bounced off the railings as I dashed up the stairs two at a time. One look at my face and people began side-stepping to make way for me. They all knew I would never run like a crazed demon without good reason.

The Security Guard held the door open as I reached the top of the stairs, and I muttered silent thanks as I bounded through. My hands were hard at work with my Bag already, undoing the zipper and powering on my laptop. Thankfully, I never shut it down and it was only ‘asleep’.

I stopped for a few moments outside the Conference Room to catch my breath, then opened the door and stepped into the brightly lit room.The ice hit me like a wave.

All eleven members of the CEC were seated, staring blankly at me. I scanned the room looking for a warm face, but found none. My legs went weak. I grabbed the Multimedia table for support, then mumbled a weak greeting.

No one responded.

My short rehearsed apology about Lagos traffic fell flat. If anyone understood, it didn’t show on their faces. After all, if they could get in before 8.00am – why couldn’t I?

I kept my eyes on their faces as my trembling fingers found the VGA cable and plugged it into my laptop computer.The projector came on, and as if on cue – the blank looks turned into a mixture of disgust, shock, and anger.

Bewildered, I looked down at my Computer screen at the same instant that Shereen spoke, pointing at the Projector Screen – “what the hell is that”?

I couldn’t believe what I saw on my computer, so I turned to look at the Projector Screen, then fainted.

It was a naked couple splayed on the screen.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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