Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Financial Times on Nigeria's handling of the Ebola Crisis

So, truth be told - aren't we all proud how well Nigeria handled the initial Ebola scare? It was great to see the Lagos State Government swing into action immediately Patrick Sawyer's case was reported, and for once - we saw a bit more cooperation between Federal and State Agencies than we are used to.

The Financial Times did a nice piece titled "Nigeria's Hard-Learned Lesson For Quashing Ebola", and I was particularly interested in a paragraph indicating the power of "mind over matter". Here is an excerpt:

The psychology of patients is key. In Nigeria, according to World Health Organisation officials, those victims who believed that only medicine from the west could save them, mostly died. Those who lived, would not have done so without simple H2O combined with the rehydration solution. “All of them decided to survive. Because they wanted to survive they forced themselves to take more oral rehydration solution. The mind has huge power over the body. That’s not talked about enough,” says Dr Eilish Cleary, the Ebola expert.

Go to to read the full article.

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