Friday, October 03, 2014

October 1 (The Movie)

I'm starting to do a lot of unpaid adverts these days, but this is yet another one.

October 1, the movie, was a great one! It was absolutely worth every kobo of the N3,000 I and the Boo paid to see it at Silverbird Galleria, and I was somewhat sad when it came to an end after 2 hours and 23 minutes. Movies like that should never end. They should play on endlessly in a ceaseless loop, odes to the brilliance of their creators.

The film explores a variety of issues, such as paedophilia, tribalism, and racism; all weaved into the fabric of a tale about a serial murderer. Two young boys from a village are sexually abused by a Priest promising to help them with Higher Education, and one cuts his pursuit of education short to return to the Village and farm the land - while the other completes his education, but returns to the Village bitter and trying to make the town pay for the sins of the Priest.

Kunle Afolayan is an amazing director, producer, and actor. I first saw him in Saworoide, where he played Aresejabata (I think, correct me if I'm wrong), and his growth over the years has been simply amazing. I love what he stands for, and I love the quality he brings to Nollywood. (Think Figurine, or Phone Swap).

By all means, please see the movie. And preferably - from the right channels if you can, so that Kunle Afolayan and his great team get the due recompense for their work. i.e. let's enable them to make even greater movies in future!

Go to Wikipedia for some background on the movie and a plot summary.

PS: Do not compare this movie to Half of A Yellow Sun. Both are set around the same time, but HOAYS explores a base and deep issue that is nearly sacred as far as I am concerned. Both of them are priceless works of art that should be enjoyed. That's all.

Happy Holidays!

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