Monday, June 30, 2014


Sitting at my table this evening, trying to make sense of the dozen thoughts crisscrossing my mind - I have decided to write. Writing always helps to clear my mind, and thanks to Tosin Akingbulu - this blog has become more of an 'online diary' than a repository for 'finely-written essays', so here we go:

1. Remember my mentor? The one I go on and on about on Facebook and the subject of many 'muses' and 'thoughts' about execution and business? Well...she now has a blog. Head over here for some of her awesomeness :). Thank me later.

2. Back in 2010, I gave up trying to quit my addiction to Coca Cola. I had tried so many things that didn't seem to work and I thought I would never quit, until I started running three weeks ago that is. After experiencing for myself how difficult it is to burn calories and stay in great shape when you have a desk job - I didn't need an epiphany before laying off the Coke. Apart from a joy drink at the boo's birthday hangout - I haven't had a taste of Coke in three weeks. Not only have I not had a taste...I don't even feel like it anymore. For the first time in nearly a long while, I can walk past bottles of Coke in a store and resist the temptation to buy enough to fill my fridge. All hail my running shoes.

3. I haven't stopped running, in case you're wondering where the updates went. I have only stopped blogging about it on a daily basis. (Thought I'd save some blog space and not bore you - you know). I have steadily improved, and I have gone from doing 1km in 9minutes 28seconds (fastest time on day 1) to doing it in 7minutes 31seconds (fastest time today). I can confirm 'exercise high' isn't a myth - that thing is for real people. You won't believe how much I look forward to lacing my shoes and hitting the road these days.

4. Great days make great weeks, great weeks make great months, and great months make great years. How do we get where we want to be? It's the journey of a million steps, the same one that starts out with a tiny weeny baby step... Execute excellently today, then tomorrow, then the day after - and you're going to get 'amaze-balls' results down the line. That's how 'sustainable results' work. Again - life and career are not sprints, they're marathons.

Today was a great day to start a week with. By God's grace, I look forward to tomorrow...

And yeah - cheers to the new month starting tomorrow, and Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim friends.


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