Sunday, June 15, 2014

My 9 Week Journey to 5K: Week 1 Conquered!!!

Yesterday I was introduced to unbelievable pain in my lower legs – aka “shin splits”. While I have a low pain-threshold, I tend to have lots of willpower once I get going – but at some point I had to stop and listen to my legs. The pain was insane. 

Trust me – I paused the workout audio when I stopped; and continued when I felt the pain had sufficiently subsided. Nothing was going to rob the joy of finishing ‘Week One’.

On a more serious note now – one thing common to all the running forums I have read is that newbie runners should quit running once any kind of pain becomes unbearable. So, if you’re a newbie (like I am now) reading this blog – discard my implicit advice above and DON’T run through the pain! 

A few other random things related to running:

1. I had my first idea flash while running yesterday! Yippeeee!!! At some point in the early stages of the run, I took my mind off the road and the voice prompts – and started to think about a few other things I was working on. Suddenly, in what I can only term an eureka moment – I knew exactly what I needed to do about this thorny work-related issue. :D :D 

2. The number one reason why most newbies quit running is trying to go too far too fast. Quite a few people have said things to me along the line of: “But XYZ does 5 kilometres; but ABC does 7 kilometres”…and so on… I’m not XYZ or ABC, and both XYZ and ABC started from somewhere. If I want to be running sustainably eight months down the line – slow and steady is definitely the way to go.

3. Yesterday I did my fastest 1 kilometre yet… in 8.00 minutes. I’m more interested in duration than distance at these early stages, but I just had to mention that.

Cheers to a beautiful Sunday, and to the coming week.


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