Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My 9 Week Journey to 5K: Week 1, Day 2

Today was a good one!

I went into my run at 8.00pm expecting to complete at least seven of the eight daily races comprising my target for Week One. This would at least ensure that I beat the personal record I set on Monday - of six one-minute runs.

I'll be honest, I was asking myself the "who send me message" question by the end of run six, but then the goblins in my head reminded me how long we'd all looked forward to this, and how "I could do this" I went on. It was easier by the end of run the prize was in sight by then. Actually disregarded the voice prompts in my ear and took a few more strides at the end of run eight to drill it in - "I did it!!!"

Mehn, I don't know how people manage to run for thirty minutes or five kilometers without stopping at all. But come on, if that toothpick-legged colleague of mine named Chuka ‎can do a 5K in 27mins...then so can I. Slow and steady, and I'm sure I'll be keeping up with the DKBs and Chioma Edes of this world nine weeks from now.

To provide a bit of balance...a number of people have contacted me saying "exercise is not the only way to lose weight, you have to watch your diet too"... Yeah, thanks people - I know! I did my research, and I fixed that before even buying my running shoes...‎ Plus, I am absolutely convinced that I look good the way I am...just need to tone the muscles and stay fit...and if I lose some weight by the side - then so be it.

If you're still ‎sitting on the fence, I'd like to say this is a good time to get started... Invest in a good pair of shoes, find somewhere safe to start with 2K - 3K run/walks, download the NHS podcasts - and get going.

If I can, then so can you.


PS: 1. Screen-shot is from Endomondo. 2. There's one day of rest after every run, hence no run yesterday :).

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