Sunday, June 15, 2014

Finally, PMP Classes Over... Coming Up: Examinations!!!

So I just had to blog about my recently-concluded PMP training experience.

I am a very risk-averse individual who conducts lots and lots of research before committing my time or money to an option when I have multiple choices - and I probably spent tens of hours between 2011 and 2013 deciding whether to take the PMP training, whether to take an online class ‎or attend a physical instructor-led training, which study-material to use, and  which school to attend.

I recall my conversation with Mary Osinowo a few months ago where we were trying to agree on a training school after discussing merits and demerits of a few schools, and Jide Olatunbode (himself a certified PMP) butted in saying "Guys, just decide already!".

So I trusted Sola's (another certified PMP) recommendation ‎and paid Folbert Consulting - solely based on his recommendation. ‎This put paid to my "analysis paralysis" and ensured that I would attend the classes - regardless of what birthdays or get-togethers might come up on both weekends marked for the training. (Had to pass on some of Busola's awesome fish and chips yesterday :( :().

‎On the morning of last Saturday, I woke up wondering if I'd made the right choice. Given the long week of June 2 and the overcast Saturday morning weather, ‎I'd just have gone back to bed if I hadn't paid already :). But mehn, no way I was going to just give away my money!!!

With the benefit of hindsight, I can now say I made a great choice and it was the right thing to trust Sola. Big ups bro!

Dayo Olurin of Folbert Consulting is an unpretentious and unassuming man. In the first hour I knew I was going to learn a lot more about Project Management ‎than I'd gotten from my self-study in the months leading up to the class, and at the end of the first day I had a few pages worth of ideas on how to revolutionize service delivery on my team's projects - based on PMI's Project Management principles.

It was also quite amazing the quality of the interaction between participants, and I had quite a few things to learn from Dayo and Kayode (both trainers) on how to facilitate open discussion and idea-exchange in training settings.

I'll be honest. It was a great use of money and time. And it was fun while it lasted...

If there's two things I could say to someone considering acquiring PMP training and possibly the certification: I'd say the following:

1. Be clear what you want before you get in a class. For me, I was perfectly fine keeping track of my 'small projects' in my notebooks and making up my principles on the go; but as I assumed responsibility for more sites and geographies - I absolutely needed to adopt a 'tried and true' approach to Project Management. ‎When you can no longer keep track of your CPS in basic Excel sheets and stuff, then it's time for PMP training - and hopefully the certification.

2. If you're based in Lagos, attend Folbert Consulting.

Well, and one more: it's a lot more useful if you have run some real-world projects already. Learning PMP in a vacuum can be really, really boring!!!

I'll bring you updates after I certify :).


1. Sola - evidently I set a new record of "Highest Score" in the mock exam at the end of the training, and 'Dayo gave me a FAB gift!!!‎ I just had to add this, as a part of me feels strongly that you set the earlier record - the one I just smashed!!! :D :D

2. ‎Once I JAS by God's grace...I absolutely plan to volunteer as a part-time teacher at Folbert. Plan to attend Folbert Consulting's PMP Training Class if you'd like a part of my awesomeness :).


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