Friday, June 01, 2012

Lead City students diss 2shotz; in POOR English...

I checked out this website by Lead City University students yesterday, and I wanted to cry. Don't they like have compulsory English courses, electives or what have you?

I wanted to cry for the Nigerian educational system... These are Nigerian undergraduates... People that will leave school within the next few months/years and join the labor pool... And they cannot even express themselves in good English! Honestly, they should have just put up the website in pidgin English or Yoruba...

As the story goes, they invited 2shotz to Ibadan for an event, and he showed up (after much ado) - but did not perform... If you want to view the website and can cope with their English, please click here. Excerpts below:

"This incidence happened on the 21st of May 2012."

"By 3pm the organizers of the event arrived at 2shotz house to pick him up, he then said he’s coming with two extra persons, he’s PA and an artiste with the name ruffcoin."

"Without fail, we got a SIENA SPACE BUS, 2shotz and his team refused to join the car and used the team “this industry na parkaging, we gats enter car with ac” they now said for them to show up, we must pay the sum of 50,000 extra, They called this charge: (The Driving Inconvenience Charge)."

I'm no English Don myself, but at least - you'd expect University undergraduates to do better than this!!!

Lead City University!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!

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