Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Updates on the Dana Air Crash...

So a member of staff at Dana Air called in to a Channels TV program to confirm that the plane was faulty, management was aware, and they were 'forced' to fly the plane... Watch the YouTube video above... One would expect a number of arrests and prosecutions to follow this. The Nigerian government needs to take a strong stance!

Also, Daily Times put together a report detailing the history of the crashed plane, and proving that it was just a disaster waiting to happen... Read it here...

Linda Ikeji has collected a couple of pictures from the crash site into one blog post... See them here...

Lastly, a former Executive Director in Air Nigeria, John I. Nnorom, has warned Nigerians to stay away from Air Nigeria flights, describing them as 'Flying Coffins'... Read all about it here... Also see Air Nigeria's rebuttal here. Given the back-and-forth, I would expect the Aviation Authorities to take this up and investigate thoroughly.

As expected, the Senate has temporarily suspended the DG of the Civil Aviation Authority, Dr. Harold Demuren. They have also suspended operations by Dana Airlines. Read all about it here. I expect the Senate to take this one step forward by establishing a Nigerian version of the National Transportation Safety Board - with the responsibility to investigate all traffic accidents and make clear cut policy and safety recommendations.

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