Thursday, May 31, 2012

UNILAG - MAULAG: What is in a name?

I have tried hard to refrain from saying anything about this UNILAG/MAULAG 'ish', but it is just not working... I have to say something!

I don't particularly care much for the renaming of UNILAG. I must have been in Secondary School when NEPA was renamed PHCN; today - almost everyone refers to them as NEPA! The University of Ife was renamed Obafemi Awolowo University in 1987, before I was born; today, I refer to myself as a graduate of 'Ife' - reserving the name 'Obafemi Awolowo University' for my resume and job interviews. Last I checked, we were still human - creatures of habit - such name changes just don't stick!

What I care for is the logic behind the name change, and the choice of date to announce it. I have long thought that there is a National Distraction Committee at work somewhere in Aso Rock, whose responsibility it is to distract Nigerians from the real issues...

I mean, Mr. President gives a speech on the first year anniversary of his election (about two years since he has been in office) - and the only thing Nigerians can take away from his speech is the name change! The Distraction Committee must all be on vacations to Las Vegas for a job well done... They got us!

Insecurity has grown wings... There is still no light, despite the various promises made since 1986... The cost of doing business continues to rise by the day... The number of unemployed youth has never been larger... Foreign nationals dare not go out in many cities without police escorts, and yet - kidnappings are on the rise... The roads have never been worse... And Mr. President has the presence of mind to rename a Federal University!!! You've got to be kidding me.

The new name does not guarantee UNILAG graduates any more jobs on graduation... It does not provide them direly needed funding and power to start their own businesses... It does not improve their status in foreign embassies... It does not change anything!

We need to grow up as a country... Or these guys will take us on a ride till the end of time... Imagine Obama renaming a University during a State of the Union address... Go figure!

Those are my thoughts... Hardly coherent, I guess, but that's just my anger coming across in my thoughts... Differing thoughts? Please share...

Next year, it will be the University of Ibadan becoming the Lamidi Adedibu University or the Bola Ige University... Just watch. :)


  1. Worded WORD!!!!!! Hmmm.

  2. Well Koye, you mentioned something about Obama renaming Harvard. Would like to call your attention to this fact:
    Harvard was initially called "New College". The institution was renamed Harvard College in 1639. It was named after John Harvard, a young English clergyman from Southwark, London, who bequeathed the College his library of four hundred books and £779 pounds sterling, which was half of his estate.
    You are probably right though. There are more pressing issues. But it isn't such a bad deal renaming the institution after an icon like MKO. UNILAG students just do not like the sound of the new name. They are talking about building brands and all of that...Argument not strong enough! My opinion.

    1. Thanks Tosin. I stand corrected for the use of a wrong example. Actually, I know Harvard is a private college... The point I am trying to make is about Obama renaming Harvard (or a Federal College if they have any) - DURING the State of the Union address... It is not about the University... I don't care much for the change of name either ;)... It is about the timing... Thanks again.

  3. I am nt exactly concerned abt d name change or its process, rather I choose to focus on GEJ's one year in office. I think Nigerians should really ask questions about what as been done to improve our lot as a nation under GEJ, as oppose to spending so much time debating MAULAG/UNILAG. There are several issues about Nigeria that needs answers.
    I believe what we should concern ourselves with is: How we can save Nigeria from getting worse before 2015!