Saturday, June 02, 2012

On Growing Passive Income...

I was recently re-reading my worn copy of the timeless classic, The Richest Man in Babylon, and I re-discovered the following paragraphs I would love to share:

"...To the building of an estate there must always be the beginning. That start may be a few pieces of gold or silver which a man diverts from his earnings to his first investment. I, myself, am the owner of many herds. The start of my herds I did begin when I was a mere boy and did purchase with one piece of silver a young calf. This, being the beginning of my wealth, was of great importance to me.

"To take his first start to building an estate is as good luck as can come to any man. With all men, that first step, which changes them from men who earn from their own labor to men who draw dividends from the earnings of their gold, is important.  Some, fortunately, take it when young and thereby outstrip in financial success those who take it later or those unfortunate men, like the father of this merchant, who never take it."

Many of us, desiring to be rich, forget that Rome was not built in a day...

Think on these things... :)

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