Sunday, August 03, 2014

Three Years of Awesome 'Online-Published Fiction'

In 2012, I wrote this story about falling in love with two women. It felt quite ordinary to me, but it was released to 'widespread acclaim'. I love this story because it contained an experiment that delivered satisfactory results... I once read that a master storyteller starts from the end of their story, proceeds to the beginning, and the ends with the middle - so I decided to try it. Without fully fleshing out the plot, I wrote the three paragraphs I wanted to end the story with - then started off the story with them. The results were fantastic. Go here to read "How I Fell in Love with Two Women". (I'm sending you to Facebook so you can also view the comments).

In 2013, I wrote "Things We Do For Love". It was about a lady's attempts to get her lover a job - regardless of the personal cost to her. In what I consider a huge sacrifice in a relationship, she was going to sleep with a guy she detested - if it would get her Mofesola a job. This story also contains an experiment after a fashion. Versus my forte of picking a central character and writing the entire story from their perspective, I decided to write this one from two perspectives - hence, alternate episodes were written from the viewpoints of Ikepo (female lead) and Mofesola (male lead). In addition to this, I also wrote these alternate viewpoints in different time-tenses. Ikepo described events as they happened, while Mofesola was narrating in past tense. I love how it all came together at the end. Go here to read "Things We Do For Love". (Again - I'm sending you to Facebook for the same reasons above).

This year (2014), I have decided to put my short story into a book instead. It will contain quite a few 'experiments' too, and I will offer it for free when it is done. While you wait however, I thought to give you "Recision" - a story of betrayal, love, and forgiveness - written in beautiful prose by Enekabor Ehinomen - my Mentor. This one is hot and fresh, so I choose not to give you any spoilers. Go here to read "Recision". (This time, you're headed off to Ehis' blog).

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  1. And we eagerly await that of 2015! Sometimes, I just think you've put a fiction up here for me to read when I am bored in traffic, only to realize... *winks*