Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Randoms:: No More CNN, Contentment, Dr. Adadevoh, Ebola

1. I had an addiction to CNN. Until today. I'm done, at least - for now. There's so much pain in the world, and CNN does a good job at forcing me to share in that pain. It's either ISIS, or Ebola, or Israel vs. Palestine, or something else! I know hiding will not take away the pain, or change anything for that matter, but let's hope it stops the nightmares and helps me sleep easier at night.

PS: I made the mistake "of life" and watched the video showing the beheading of James Foley after seeing the news report on CNN. That's probably the worst choice I've made this year. This is the part where I go to bed singing "My Heart Will Trust".

2. My friend, Wale Osideinde, wrote a good post on his blog about contentment. Again I am reminded of my favorite line from Acres of Diamonds: "He was a contented and wealthy man -- contented because he was wealthy, and wealthy because he was contented". Go to Wale's Blog to read the full post, but net - "Godliness with contentment is great gain". Given - we can't all be the richest man or woman in the world, heck - not even in most of our neighborhoods.

It is completely pointless to compare your life/wealth/career progression/achievement with another. It's a lot more important to raise the bar for yourself and aspire to be the very best you can be.

Am I suggesting that you become complacent? No. I'm saying gratitude for what you already have is a great place to start. Life is a long race, and in the end - it's only with yourself.

3. Yesterday, I was saddened beyond measure at the news of Dr. Adadevoh's passing. Chxta wrote a great post that more than adequately conveys the pain I feel, and more importantly - echoes my thoughts that her (and Justina Ejelonu's) actions be immortalized.

4. This is for all the Health Workers on the front lines of the fight against Ebola and other such diseases. We respect you. We admire all that you do. We know the world would be a very different place without you. We thank you.

PS: Go here to download Acres of Diamonds for free if you'd like to read it. Again, it's available for free because it's long past Copyright.


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