Sunday, August 17, 2014

Randoms:: Dolly Parton, Nuhu Ribadu, Real Madrid

This post is a collection of randoms. Now that you have been warned - here you go:

1. Dolly Parton made great music! Singing along to "Here You Come Again", "Double Dart", and "You Know I Love You" (songs from 1975) this evening, I have to 'give it up' for the power of music.  For example, I get a kick out of knowing my Mother grooved to "Jolene" back in the day, and I can listen to the exact same song with the original instruments and all today. That's awesome stuff!

Only thing is - I think she had a bit of an inferiority complex, and it showed through in her songs. Listen to "Joline", "Here You Come Again", and indeed most of her songs - and you'll 'see' what I'm saying.

2. So Nuhu Ribadu has defected to the PDP? I don't even know what to think. Tyma thought I would laugh at her, but laughter was far from me when I first read the news. That says a lot about politics in Nigeria. We are a really, really long way from 'enjoying the fruits of democracy'. But then - why am I so surprised? The APC and the PDP are basically made up of the same people. Neither party has a manifesto worth the paper it's printed on. Both parties are bereft of sound ideology and principle. Abegggggie - let the macabre dance continue.

3. My mother narrowly escaped a fatal accident yesterday. Thank God with me. Right now, I just can't imagine life without Mrs. Ko.

Casillas baby!!!
4. Football is BACK! Thankfully, Madrid won the Super Cup... (no need to specify which Madrid, there's only one authentic Madrid)... Now hoping we can go all the way this new La Liga season and win a record 33rd title - (and maybe defend the Champions League successfully while we're at that). If none of this happens though, I won't be flustered in the least. Winning La Decima last season is enough to keep me happy for another two seasons!

That's all for tonight :)
Cheers to the new week, people...


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