Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rant:: Take That!!! Netherlands!!!

I love Spain. Iker Casillas is the major reason why I started to follow club football - of course, Real Madrid C.F.. Even now that it's clear Casillas is past his prime, I still love him - and out of respect for him, I will remain a Real Madrid fan for a long time to come.

Hence, you can imagine the hurt I felt when Netherlands thumped Spain 5-1. While it was clear Netherlands was the better team, it didn't take anything off how I felt. If you don't get that, try and imagine how you'd feel if Mike Tyson was standing over your close friend in a boxing ring.

This morning, I am very happy. Although it was close, I am happy Argentina edged Netherlands out via penalties... Now I think it was a good thing for Spain to be humiliated, so it becomes clearer how much the old crop has aged and how much needs to be done to remain relevant in the new era. Netherlands on the other hand, can eat the bronze medals for all I care (if they get those).

PS: I mean, even Brazil got massacred 7-1!!! Free my Spain abeg :) :)

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