Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quit Waiting For The Future; Just Do It

Early in Ife, I came across this quote by Phillip Larkin. These words have repeatedly proved true in my observations and experiences since then.

Many of us put off living our dreams until "the future". We would really like to start an orphanage - but we don't have the money now, so we wait. ‎We would really like to institute a scholarship fund for students from poor families, but we can't afford it now, so we wait. We would really like to have a TV program to connect with young undergraduates in Nigerian Universities, but we don't have the time now, so we wait.

And while we wait, life lives us. Our jobs and careers sap all the energy out of our bones. We rejoice when we find a few extra minutes to spend with the kids on a Friday evening. We always look forward to the next public holiday.

As we wait, time steals by. Just like it happened in University, we wake up one morning and we're 40. And then we start to wonder where all the time went.

We wait, all too many times - for the future, when even tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Start where you are. There's never a perfect time in "the future". Start by sponsoring one already-existing orphanage. Start by identifying one less-privileged child in Primary School and footing her bills through Primary Six. Start by creating a Youtube channel and populating it on weekends.

Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it.‎


  1. These are good words! I like the reminder to do something with what we have and then move forward. Thanks!