Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm Grateful...

I've been very grateful of recent...

For Life. I had a few classmates at Primary and Secondary School who are now part of history, only remembered by what they did when they were here. You probably had a few friends who are now dead too. Truth is - you and I had (and continue to have) no control over the reasons for our continued existence. Supposedly healthy people drop dead "all the time"; unwitting drivers minding their own business and staying in their own lanes get rammed by drunks; Medical personnel entrusted with managing our physical and mental health sometimes make fatal mistakes... In the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, "I am here today, because God kept me". And I am grateful. You probably should be too.

For Love. My family (comprising two siblings and both parents) is an awesome one. All you need is two of us in the same room or on the phone - and there's seldom a dull moment. I am blessed with an inspiring, fun, and absolutely fab boo. I have fantastic friends: junior, peers, and seniors; some of whom have called me "brother" since I was four, and others who have known me for under a year. And very importantly, I am privileged to have challenging role-models, mentors, and some who combine both roles. No man is an island, and I am grateful for all those who understand my past, believe in my future, and accept me just the way I am.

For Learning. I mentioned role-models, mentors, and role-models/mentors already. They get a double mention - because they are that important. In fact, everyone who comes in under the "Love" category gets another mention here. I'm grateful that I can read, that I have books to read; I am grateful that I can watch and understand TED Videos and Coursera courses, and that I have the requisite resources. Teaching during NYSC helped me realize that not all 14-year olds' can read and write fluently (in English or their local dialects) - and I'm grateful for all my teachers too - past and present.

In closing, I'm grateful that I awakened this morning full of plans for the future, with the gift of yet another 24 hours to live, love, and learn. You probably should be too.

PS: This one is for you, E. Thank you!

Cheers to the rest of the week,

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  1. There should b like keys on blogs for lazy peeps like me. Nyc one Koye ,for thoughtful souls.