Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SCMOAU: We Will Cross Every Border

I awakened this morning with a song on my mind.

Briefly, before I talk about the song - I would like to go off at a tangent.

I look back at five years and three months spent studying Mechanical Engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University, and it is easy to see that my finest moments were spent at the Student Christian Movement.

Was it the atmosphere of worship that permeated BOOC, then Ajose, and Sports Mainbowl every time we had service? Was it the quality of the people, both Alumni and Colleagues? Was it the support system that ensured that every man fought with his right hand and looked out for his neighbor with his left? Was it the fact that I found and made friends who have colored my world, and who will stay best friends for the rest of my life?

Was it household retreat or 'PCS001', in the time of P Desh? Was it 'Pray Until Something Happens', in the time of P Tom? Was it The Matrix with Joseph Fayese, or 'Are You The One' in the time of P Wales? Was it the fiery tone of Pastor Ayomide Phillips, captured in time by audio tapes - hounding my heart a full decade from when they were first preached? Was it Temilolu Kumapayi or Kemi Okunogbe leading prayers, crying, "SCM pray to your Father"? Was it Foundation School with the Grace Generation - many of us now the best of friends? Was it Principo (Dewunmi Adediji) leading household prayer meeting under the rain, singing, "Let It Rain"? Was it FYB dinner with Busola Okunoren?

Was it the thirst for God?

In the end, it was a little of all these - and many other memories that will stay with me for a lifetime.

All these moments are in the past now, never to be completely relived again. Reunions may try, but none can capture the essence of SCMOAU - the way it felt to us as students. And in the end, these memories will wear from constant reuse and refiling in the corners of our minds - but as we go on, we will remember - and sing:

"We will cross every border,
Throw wide every door,
Joining our hands across the nations,
We'll proclaim "Jesus is Lord".

We will break sin's oppression,
Speak out for the poor,
Announce the coming of Christ's kingdom,
From east to west and shore to shore.

We will gather in the harvest,
And work while it's day,
Though we may sow with tears of sadness,
We will reap with shouts of joy.

Soon our eyes shall see His glory,
The Lamb, our risen Lord,
When He receives from every nation,
His bloodbought Bride,
His great reward.

Then we'll proclaim, "Jesus is Lord"
We shall proclaim, "Jesus is Lord"

He is Lord!"


Song originally by Graham Kendrick (King of the Nations, 1992); adapted by a SCM Pastor in the past whom I  neither know nor was privileged to meet.

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  1. Wow. I'm short of words bro. You have just sent shivers down my spine. This got me thinking, praying and of course shedding tears. I count it a great privilege to have roared with the Lions. Thanks for bringing back some of memories. I'M SHARING THIS, DEFINITELY.