Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Thoughts On Lamborghini Doors and Science & Technology

IBK's Lamborghini doors :)

That's me in IBK's car... Shot taken pretty late at night.

This post consists of an advert that I was NOT paid for, and random thoughts on Science and Technology (S&T) in Nigeria.

We’ll start with the advert – if you want ‘Lambo Doors’ on your car, call IBK on +234 (0) 806 555 3015 or add him on BB (2795AACF). I have known him for well over a decade, and I guarantee that you’ll be recommending him to your friends if he fixes one of these for you. Outside of ‘Lambo Doors’, IBK is VERY good with cars – and you might want to run any car-related questions or concerns through him.

Now to a few random thoughts on S&T:

1.    We desperately need ‘Science Fairs’! There are quite a number of ‘spelling bees’ and mathematics competitions, but I am unaware of any Science Fairs executed on a large scale. A Science Fair on the scale of Project Fame or X-Factor where young kids can develop projects at home >> exhibit them before a critical panel >> receive monetary awards, recognition, and research grants (where necessary) would do a lot more for Nigerian S&T than the numerous ASUU strikes have done!*

2.    It would be very nice if the Nigerian Institute of Mechanical Engineering started to offer specialized courses/seminars in Automobile Engineering. Dr. Malomo (of the Obafemi Awolowo University) did a good job at the Undergraduate Level in view of the limited resources the University had, but we hardly learnt enough versus colleagues from foreign Universities. I doubt that the story is much different at the Post-Graduate level. Guys like IBK who have a natural affinity for cars should be able to study ‘concentrated’ Automobile Engineering in proper labs – not with twenty year old scale-models!

3.    We urgently need to restore the Polytechnics to their rightful place. Sometimes I wonder what ASUP does when they go on strikes and all. Indeed there is a big – AND positive – difference between a Technologist and an Engineer – and there is NO way we are moving ahead without the right mix of both! The right balance is one where we have more Technicians than Technologists, and more Technologists than Engineers. People, a HND is NOT inferior to a B.Sc. oooo!!!

4.    Fix power! Please fix power!! Please please fix power!!!


* This is probably an exaggeration, but frankly – can someone please explain to me what the numerous ASUU strikes have achieved?

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