Friday, February 08, 2013

Comments: Who said there were no more Virgins?

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A couple of comments on my virginity piece, unedited... We'll take a few negative ones first :D. Read the other publicly available comments at the bottom of the post here.

It is a thing of the mind. You should not force your opinion on anyone else. - (name withheld - comment received in mail)

Nice use of English. Sadly, that is the only thin (sic) I see fit to commend about your blog post. The content is immature and childish. How else will you be sure a man can perform if you do not try him out? I put it to you that the girls that provided you with opportunities were not attractive enough, or maybe you have a problem getting it on - like your friend thinks. Nice day. - (name withheld - comment received as facebook message).

The Good Lord commanded you to remain virgins until marriage. May the Good Lord keep your wedding together when you realize that your hubby is impotent or that your 'virgin wife' is frigid. - (name withheld - comment received in mail).

Thank God! Finally! someone with a living conscience. I don't know why people think I'm possesed because of this same issue. I keep telling people that it is written in black and white that premarital sex is a sin there is no grey side in this issue. I know I'm not perfect and do not know all but the little I know I try to hold on to it. I pray God grants us the grace to love him as we ought to (wholely and not selectively).

Wondaful write up. Was a V b4 marriage n proud of being one. A lot of these guys wish to marry d Virgins eventually. And keepin d bed undefiled is d best we can do for ourselves.
Weldone man. Saw it on a friend DM n loved it. - Anonymous

Beauiful piece here....I am a chic, wil b 23 in July and av never had a bf. Am nt perfect tho...still a virgin and I pray to remain one till I get married by God's Grace. Pips tnk am weird. Well...d main tin is dt wen deciding to b a V, never do it for ur intended spouse. Do it cuz u want to honor God and uphold ur values...not necessarily bcuz u want ur spouse to respect u or not. DO it for God and then for urself. Notin so swit as bn a V til ur wedding night. - Anonymous

I totally agree, I got married last year at the age of 28 a virgin and my husband at the age of 30 a virgin to the glory of God. Don't be deceived, there are virgins out there both male and female. God can help you keep your virginity. - Anonymous

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