Wednesday, November 07, 2012

NYSC Day Two - Random Thoughts

If there was an award for "Most Disorganized Platoon in NYSC Batch C, 2012", my Platoon would easily win it. Other than that, I don't see us winning anything. We can't form and maintain a queue, we have the highest allocation of pregnant women in this camp, and the few guys we have are more interested in chasing girls and talking football. :D

This morning/afternoon/evening, about fifty of us have spent well over 11 hours TRYING to get our kits. Except for pregnant women (of whom there seems to be no end) - and of whom I have no count, only about TEN of us have actually gotten any kits here. Crazy, isn't it?

In typical Koye fashion, I got angry after (wait for this) about 4 hours and took a 1 hour break to cool off... Of course, I came back to meet them on the queue - in the same exact spot I left!

Separately, before I go on speaking my mind in various posts - I need to understand if any laws guide what I am allowed to say as a serving Corps member. The last thing I would want is to have my "stay" extended because I pulled no punches in a blog entry. If you're aware of any such restrictions, please holla ASAP!

In other news, I saw today what it meant to "serve" under the sun and in the rain. While we waited on the queue for our kits, the early-birds marched UNDER the most scorching sun I have experienced in a couple of years. It was so scorching, I still feel pain on my neck from exposure to the sun rays. Amazingly, fast-forward a few minutes, and it was raining cats & dogs!

It is well o. I was not going to do a count-down before, but now I must. It helps my spirit to remember that I won't be here forever...that when I wake up tomorrow, there will be only 19 days to go.

Also, I repent of laughing at Busola for using Sunscreen, and I swear I must get me some ASAP!

LASTLY, couple of guys who know Busola and are looking out for us have been asking me about the girls... So lemme share my two favorite stories so far:

1. I met Ada (not real name), whose idea of a conversation was to talk non-stop for 13 minutes (I used a stop-watch after a couple of minutes were past) - and who was completely insensitive to every "I'm not listening" sign under the sun. Of course, I'm gonna avoid her like the plague!

2. I met Yemi (not real name) who fawned over me from the exact moment when she helped gather my spilled wallet and happened on my P&G Call Card. She volunteered to wait with me for three hours (after getting her own stuff) - and disappeared a few minutes after scoping my Date of Birth from my Biodata form. :D

Gotta run now... Be right back ;)


PS: Apologies for the quality of this work. Typing long notes on my BB isn't so easy. Mwah!


  1. Interesting... Otondo!

  2. Interesting read! As regards freedom of speech, I think granting interviews on matters affecting NYSC policies/issues is the only restriction. Folarin Samson had a share of NYSC's extension for his articles. (U shd b able to get details on google) Bt what you do differs from his' sha. Personal experience shdnt raise eyebrows.
    Pls keep d warmer..its goin be helpful 4 ur platoon kitchen duties. Njoy cuz!

    1. Thanks Seun. The "Folarin" hint was very helpful. I googled him... Sorry case. Warmer... Okay o. I'll keep you posted on that. :)

  3. I really can't stop laughing. Finally you see the use of my sunscreen. Just so you know, I ain't giving you no sun screen :p maybe when I stop laughing, I'll reconsider. As for those girls...*lips sealed*

  4. LOL at her reaction to your P&G call card.

  5. NYSC OSUN STATE. This is to Inform newly posted corps members to the state that, it has lunched its official websites: