Wednesday, November 07, 2012

NYSC Day One - Random Thoughts


I wish I could show you how many thoughts and emotions are represented in that one word - "wow".

Before coming into the Iyana Ipaja camp of the NYSC yesterday - I had read lots and lots of blogs, but nothing prepared me for the magnitude of the filth, disorderliness, and desperation I have observed and experienced between yesterday and today.

Is it the fact that young Nigerian graduates from all Universities cannot form and maintain an orderly queue - even when it is plainly the only way for anybody to get anything done? Is it the fact that Corps members that "know" people walked right through the gates & headed for registration centers while the rest of us sat under the scorching sun for hours? I could go on and on, but then...

Having realized the only way to get anything done is to blatantly disregard the rules (and queues) - I decided to play the Game the Health Sciences way (holla if you went to Ife and you know what I mean) - and actually got some stuff done.

Now it's 4am, and I'm back on a queue to continue (and hopefully finish my registration).

A couple of other random thoughts I'd like to mention:

1. If you're a prospective Corps member reading this, don't bother packing so many books to camp. I did, and now I'm actively looking for someone to visit me on Sunday and pack them back.

2. I totally hate the fact that I can see bathing ladies from my bathroom (and vice-versa). I have to scout the other bathrooms later today for a 'solution' to this problem.

3. Camp is a lot more fun when you're with friends (from University). Yesterday was dreary, long and boring until I met up with Wale and Atiku (classmates from OAU Mech). Of course I plan to make friends later on, but old faces are always good for comfort & reassurance.

4. Camp is even more fun when you're bunking with friends. I got bounced from my original bunk by 4 friends from the same University, but that's a story for another day. I moved in with Wale & Atiku - and so far it's total bliss.

5. Having discovered "Iya Anambra" yesterday, I now see why I should not have bothered to pack a cooler. Whoever visits me on Sunday will take that back also. Saves me the stress of having to wash plates etc.

6. Thanks to Ayt (Ilesanmi) for the heads up - it's a lot more convenient to charge my phone with the Mammy guys than in my room. Plus a lil BB advert - I have the new Curve 9320 & while the battery is not as good as they say - it manages to last about 18 hours on one charge.

I gotta focus on hustling to complete my registration now, and I'll be back (hopefully) later... These blog posts are an attempt to document my experiences - largely for myself, & largely for my many friends that want to know "how it's going"... Saves me from many BB chats :)

Talk to y'all later!



  1. wow! This blog post could not be written any better!

    I Love your writing style, keep it up, i'll keep coming bak for more. *winks*

  2. yeah, you actually "spared" my calling again ds morn to be sure u survived....option? shut ur eyes while having ur bath, u will have to right, 2 avoid d soap...ha ha ha. lolz, catch ya fun.
    dont send d cooler back pls, u may find out u need it on sundays and when ur platoon actually does the cooking. send all books back save 1

  3. I guess you made mess of your preparation for the camping. A little phone call would have saved you all these. hehehe.
    Good write-up Man. I love the spirit, keep it up.

  4. Lol. I wish u had read the blogs I read before camp. They were quite helpful. Had me almost over prepared for camp. I have a blog documenting my experience also. Matter of fact, it goes on till after camp. I like your posts. They are thought-provoking.