Friday, November 09, 2012

NYSC Day Three - Random Thoughts

Today was the longest day of my life.

I slept for three hours nine minutes, exactly a minute less than I slept the previous night (Tuesday - Wednesday), and went through the entire day in a half-daze.

Eager to march, but kit-less, I donned my white/white and participated in morning drills - but found my way off the parade ground once rehearsals for the Swearing-In parade began.

I then returned to my platoon's registration tent, and in Ife style - took total responsibility for starting and maintaining the queue. I arranged the table, got the Inspector a chair, carried her stuff - all in a bid to complete my registration. Of course, it paid off. It always works. Finally that phase is done and I can focus on something else. Problem is I am not sure what the something else is.

Kits are finished, and that is awesome news! Swearing-In was a lot more fun as I relaxed under the tent (in my Kit-less state) while the early-birds/original Otondos paraded for about three hours. I hope we don't get the kits till next week! *straight face*

I discovered awesome white rubber shoes that are very low maintenance, and I advise that all intending Corps members buy these jor. The shoes don't stain, don't retain water, and are ANNOYINGLY easy to clean. Now I am no longer afraid of people stepping on me, water spilling on my shoes etc... Off with my "tush" sneakers!

I don't know what I was thinking at the moment, but today I volunteered to work on the Maintenance & Utilities committee. I'm still amazed. I really wanted to do something, and OBS insisted on auditioning me - a total no-go area as I don't "act" well... This is practically the first time since Ife that I will do anything related to Engineering, and I sure look forward to the experience. I should also mention that every time I mention I studied Mechanical Engineering from "Ife", I get the respect I deserve... Even the Imperial College grads respect us!

I had a long and emotional call with my manager today...and I realize that I have been so busy that I have not missed my life at P&G - at least, not very much. Now that I think of it, I really miss Carole, 'Nosen & Grace - and I hope I see them really soon :) I miss my triple Managers!

This is becoming too long (hopefully not so difficult to read), so lemme provide teasers:

1. Today, I discovered the fun side of the Mammy market :)... This is very long already and I want to make sure you come back tomorrow, so I'll tell you about my Mammy market foray in my next post. In advance, just know I was there for hours!

2. Girls... Of course there's an update, but I hear the bugle already... I'll talk this in the next post also.

Onto the parade ground... *wipes sweat*



  1. Mammy market and Girls :)

    I'll sure be back for that gist. Take care of you.

  2. this takes back to memory lane..

    Nysc days was not funny, though a period of learning.