Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Keeping Lagos Streets Clean

In my estimation, the job of keeping streets clean involves two broad approaches. One is to actually clean the streets by providing street cleaners, neighborhood collection centers, and trucks to remove accumulated refuse.  The other is to sensitize the public, and keep them from dropping refuse around indiscriminately.

The first LAWMA does excellently, the second - they could do better.

It is not enough to have waste-bins when people will drop their sachet-water nylons and La Casera bottles around indiscriminately. It is not enough to have neighborhood collection centers when people will drop their waste everywhere around the metal bin - but not actually inside it. It becomes necessary to spend a little more on creative TV and radio adverts to provide orientation to the public.

Plus, it starts with every one of us. Next time you buy La Casera in traffic, hold on to the bottle until you can dispose of it in a proper waste-bin - as opposed to throwing it on the road. Next time you take a sachet of water on the go - neatly fold the sachet into your bag or purse - until you can dispose of it properly.

LAWMA does an excellent job at cleaning our streets, we can help them to keep the streets clean.

Think on these things... :)

LAWMA is the LAgos State Waste Management Authority. They have an excellently designed website which may be found here.

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  1. it's like you took the words right out of my mouth, keeping our environment clean starts with each one of us. just the other day after i finished taking water form a sachet, i folded it in my bag with the intent of throwing it away wen i see a bin and the woman beside me looked at me liked i was stupid! she was like i could just drop in on the floor. it's obvious who the stupid one is