Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Where is Yar' Adua?

Found this great site where Nigerians are making themselves heard on this issue of Yar'Adua's e-governance (or is he using blackberry's)?

Find below excerpts from the site:

"I am of the opinion that yaradua must be dead. Its been almost a month, and the FEC is still claiming he is recovering. Please! There is a different between politics and outright stupidity. Do the right thing: relieve him of the job, and let Nigeria move on."

"he's probably chilling and partying wit Abacha in hell!"

"Can some1 tell the difference between when he was around and now that he is not around?... there is absolutely no difference, because he was doing nothing before he left us about 44 days ago. GOD HELP US....."

Follow the link, and make your voice heard...


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