Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jos Crises: Leadership Failure and the Drift to Anarchy

Once again, the city of Jos in Plateau State has gone up in flames as crisis erupted leading to the death of over 20 people, with hundreds wounded and property worth millions destroyed. This is coming at the heels of another deadly conflict in Bauchi a couple of weeks ago where about 70 people died. Add the thousands of citizens who died during the Boko Haram crisis a few months ago and the magnitude of death and destruction become bewildering.
The Good Governance Group (3G) notes with concern that the number of ethnic and religious crises we have experienced of recent is clear indication of failure of governance at all levels. 3G hereby condemns all violence and the resulting loss of life and property in the strongest terms. We also extend our sympathies to all those who lost family and friends in this mindless mayhem.
It is sad that in less than three years of PDP government of Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, Nigeria has witnessed more than four deadly religious and communal conflicts with death toll running into thousands and property worth billions of naira destroyed. The unbroken chain of avoidable violent conflicts in Nigeria is clear evidence that the PDP government of President Yar’Adua has failed woefully in protecting security of life and property in Nigeria and promoting the fundamental objectives of constitutional democracy in Nigeria.
In a period when government officials are vociferous in condemning our listing as country of interest on terrorism, the government continues to fiddle while the nation is engulfed in sectarian violence. While we promise the world that we are peaceful nation fully paid up in its commitment to human rights and political stability, innocent Nigerians are killed coldblooded in spates of ethnic or religious madness. Government cannot prevent violence and cannot protect innocent citizens in outbreaks of violence. This is shameful.
The recurring incidences of ethnic and religious crises we have experienced of recent is clear indication of failure of governance at all levels.Coming barely a year after the last round of violence which left thousands of people dead, and many more displaced, these new acts of violence has occurred only because rather than resolve the crisis that triggered the first one, they have only been politicized.
This has led to further loss of hope and growing anarchy in the country. Combined with high levels of poverty and unemployment, our people are completely disillusioned and resort to violence at the slightest provocation. This is dangerous. The absence of President Yar’adua and the failure of the Federal Executive Council and National Assembly to enforce provisions of the Nigerian constitution and guarantee leadership through allowing Vice President Goodluck Jonathan to emerge as Acting President until President Yar’Adua returns to full health further complicate matters.
As a movement dedicated to the institutionalization of Constitutional authority in Nigeria, 3G hereby calls for an immediate halt to the violence. We call on the federal government to urgently ensure that the roots causes of these conflicts are addressed to ensure that more lives and properties are not lost. We draw attention to the unmitigated failure of PDP government of President Yar’Adua to offer leadership which is dragging Nigeria into anarchy. 

Salihu M. Lukman
Group Organizing Secretary

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