Wednesday, January 20, 2010

JOS: From peace home to killing fields...

Found this great piece by Sunday Dare... It really is worth your time, please... follow the link...

"I no longer have sweet memories about Jos. No feeling of nostalgia. My excitement about my birthplace has fizzled out over the years. Infact, these days I dread any visits to Jos to see my siblings and childhood friends. The places I loved so much to visit in Jos no longer hold any attraction for me. From thousands of miles away in my place in America, I smell death each time I hear about Jos. I feel pained because the knives of the killers have struck home twice now and I have seen many, too many loved ones and innocent lives lost on the platter of religious fanaticism. The present religious crisis which began on Sunday has finally put paid to my romance with Jos and to a large extent led me to write off the Nigerian government as failed and criminal in many respects. A government unable to guaranty the safety of lives and property does not deserve to rule over us. Simplicita, it is an illegitimate government..."

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