Thursday, June 16, 2016

What is the next right move; #FreeTheNaira

E the mentor recently tagged me in a video on Facebook.

Among other themes, Oprah shares simple but powerful advice for working your way through challenging circumstances (or failures). We've probably all been faced with those. Everything seems to be going off track, you think you're dating the wrong guy (or girl), you're horribly behind schedule on important deliverables - but you're stuck focusing on the storm and can't manage to pull yourself together.

What is the next right move?

I find this to be an incredibly liberating question to ask.

It instantly swings your focus off all the things that are wrong or going wrong, and sets your mind at work on getting out of your current situation.

Next time you feel swamped, confused, or lost - try asking: what is the next right move?


We finally let the Naira float yesterday. I think we did it months too late, but we did it anyways - God be praised!

Feyi Fawehinmi, one person whose every word I read, wrote a great commentary on the release of the Naira. Read it here.

Thank me later.

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