Friday, June 17, 2016

Nightlife, Afropolitan Vibes

Promo poster for this month's show
I was writing about free markets and the floating Naira, then I thought - why don't I write about something fun since it's a Friday night?

So I scrapped my previous post.

It's Friday!!!

Cheers to the freaking weekend!!!


When I travel, I always make time to see the nightlife; I could literally be drooping with a backache from sitting all day, but I would always, always get out in the evenings to see how the people have fun. I have walked nearly an hour in almost zero temperatures in Europe while "following the music", I have gotten lost at 3am in East Africa while finding my way back to the hotel after a night out, and I have bluffed my way into a Middle Eastern club by telling the bouncers I was a Nigerian prince (this is technically true, although I am probably a few hundred people away from any thrones).


My social life in Nigeria on the other hand?

Dead. Buried. Beyond redemption.

Here, I'm the guy who would rather read a book, get on Quora, or see Game of Thrones; except when it's the third Friday of the month, and Ade Bantu and his crew are doing their thing.

Here's a shoutout to Afropolitan Vibes! One of the few events in Lagos that excites me enough to get me out of my house on a Friday evening! :) :). It is amazing what Bantu and his crew have done with the show. Holding on the third Friday of every month, Afropolitan Vibes is an open air music show at the Freedom Park, a site that housed a prison during the colonial era.

MI at Afropolitan Vibes last year
If you live in Lagos or you are visiting, your experience is not complete until you have been to Afropolitan Vibes.

I would tell you about Spice Route, my other favourite haunt, but I'm off to the Freedom Park for Afropolitan Vibes nowwwwww!

Cheers to the freaking weekend!

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