Friday, September 19, 2014

P&G CEO Challenge - Opportunities for University students at any level

This advert was not paid for. C/W/S - I'm looking at you.

So, you probably (more like - mostly) know how much I love (and enjoy) working at P&G. Great company with great colleagues, and excellent opportunities for intelligent and hard-working greenhorns to cut their teeth on real-life projects.

(For example, as a young intern fresh out of a Bachelors program in Mechanical Engineering, I worked on sourcing projects worth millions of dollars. It was so unbelievable what I was working on that I quit trying to explain to my parents after a while).

Well, here's a great opportunity for University (and MBA) students at any level to experience working with our leaders and learning from us. We are giving Nigerian students an opportunity to act as the CEO of a multi-million dollar company by working on a brand case-study and developing breakthrough solutions for this brand.

The best team from Nigeria gets to compete with teams from other African countries, and stands a chance to represent the continent at the final round in DUBAI - with other countries from India, the Middle East, and Africa. Plus there's lots of prizes (iPads, all-expense paid trips etc) up for grabs.

Let's show Africa (and IMEA) what we're made of!!! Go here to apply. Like our Facebook Page for more information or to ask your questions.

May the best team win!

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