Sunday, September 14, 2014

For Wale and Tola Osideinde:: Happy Married Life

I have a love-hate relationship with solitude. I absolutely love to have everyone over and around – talking, arguing and discussing about ‘sweet nothings’, but then I (sometimes) tire of the bustle and wish for ‘alone time’ – only to sink into low spirits when they disperse. Tonight, I sit here alone after the most enjoyable weekend in my recent history, and wish I could stop time.

The groomsmen have all left. Ayokunle and Alaba are off to Akure and Abeokuta – back to white walls and the ubiquitous smell of disinfectant, Joseph Fayese is somewhere staring at yet another Excel Spreadsheet, Opeyemi Awobotu is off to another week of growing KabuKabu, Yomi is thinking of the next million, Pitan and Deji have moved on to other pursuits, and I’m here with misty eyes and a lump in my throat.

Wale and Detola are married.
Wale's grin - priceless!
I’ll be honest, I cried at the wedding. On two separate occasions I took a quick break from being ‘Best-Man’ and found a quiet corner to shed tears of joy. I can’t quite explain why, but the first ‘episode’ was sparked by observing the joy in Wale’s eyes as Tola danced towards him at the Engagement.

Adewale Osideinde is probably the sweetest guy I know. He took me into his Uncle’s house in 2007 when I stayed back in Ife to prepare for MATRIX, and then housed me in Fajuyi Hall through Part Two. On moving to Lagos to start my first job in 2012, he welcomed me into his family house with open arms, and was practically downcast when I told him I was leaving. In the eight years that I have known him, I have run most major decisions through him – and I have come to trust him as a brother.
Headed to church :)
I remember walking Tola back to Mozambique Hall from her first (my second) SCM dinner in 2008. (She wasn’t my date, but I hurriedly escorted my date to her Quarters then returned to the Venue so I could walk with Detola). I can’t remember anything that was said that evening, but I remember that as the day we became friends in the true sense of the word. In the six years since then, I have watched ‘Tola grow into a fine young woman – exhibiting a grace and maturity that transcends experience and age.
On their first Valentine's day as a couple - in 2010. (I took the pictures)
In the four-plus years that they courted before tying the knot yesterday, I daresay I (personally) know no other relationship that exhibited the quality of friendship, maturity, and conflict-resolution that they did. In many respects, they were (and continue to be) role-models for me and others I know.

I am struck by how empty my Living Room feels now that the suits are folded away and Ope and Bunmi have left.

Wale spent every Sunday night for the past nearly-two months here in a bid to beat Monday morning traffic from Iyana Ipaja. Now, that will never happen again. He slept over here just before my birthday last week and was the first person to wish me a “Happy Birthday”; I did likewise for his birthday last year – and we have done this for quite a few years going back. Except Tola manages to travel out alone for a month in May or September, that too will never happen again.

The hangouts with the gang will never be the same again. Too many things will never be the same again.
50% Gang Selfie
When they attend, they can no longer keep late nights with the rest of us single folks; and when they leave or can’t attend, a great deal of the conversation will explore what would be different if they were there.

The exhilaration of the past few days starting with Wale’s Bachelor’s Eve on Wednesday? I doubt I will feel the same again until the weekend before my own wedding.
I’ll be honest. I’m crying again.

Wale and Tola Osideinde
I was privileged to stand right behind you yesterday, hold the mic as you said “I do” (Desola – thanks for abdicating so I could do both), and toast to “Happily Ever After” at your wedding reception – but nothing compares to the privilege of your love, and the friendship we share.

I love you two silly, and I’ll be rooting for you till the end of time.

May we be friends forever,

1. I wrote this before the wedding, but was unable to post. I have added sentences here and there to adapt it to the new time of posting (one day after the wedding) - but please excuse any future tenses that got away.
2. A few more pictures I couldn't quite fit into the post:
In the beginning...

Before the Engagement...
Early Days...

Early Days...


  1. So I'm literally close to tears as I read this seated at the lunch table in the office kitchen. It sucks that things might not be the same after today but i'm consoled in the fact that it is all for the greater good and things will turn out fine eventually.

    I love you guys eternally ( I might not have done a good job at showing it, being the Margaret thatcher some people say I am ) and yes I hope we stay friends forever.

    Happy married life, Mr and Mrs Wale Osideinde...xoxo

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  3. My eyes misted as well. Happy married life to an obviously great couple........